Our Vision

Our philosophy is to provide quality services with a cost effective approach not often matched by other companies. We accomplish this by maintaining a diverse staff of tradesmen so that we can hold down markups and respond much more quickly to our project needs.

News – Having recently acquired the dual KB-1 license we are excited to add residential construction to our services. While much of the tradesmen will continue to perform the same duties as before, our management staff has expanded to meet the new demands.

Values – In the office or in the field we strive to maintain these values:


Respect for the work we do and the people who do it and always following through on our commitments.


Through teamwork we build a superior product.


Fully committed and working to provide the quality our customers expect and deserve.

Our Staff – We want you to be comfortable with our staff so we strive to hire professionals that take pride in their work.

Executive profiles – 

Kevin Ellis - Manager:

Mr. Ellis has his B.S. in Civil Engineering from Arizona State University and has been active in the construction industry for over 22 years.  He has a broad knowledge of commercial construction acquired through field experience, project management and executive management.

Bill Turner - Manager:

Mr. Turner has managed his own contracting companies for over 14 years focusing on residential projects. His leadership and attention to detail creates an environment that drives staff to excel.

Nicole Brown - Office Manager:

Ms. Brown is certainly the glue that holds the company together (as most successful companies require). Her experience with all aspects of construction operations insures projects go smoothly.